Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hanging with some Makers

Last night I taught soldering to Reagan, Carson and Keane. These are the coolest kids. They are really quick learners, and made +Maker Faire Robots blink! Good Job guys.

After they wanted to see my office and my room. So we hung out for the next 3 hours. I answered questions and we talked 'Maker'

The coolest thing is that they will be traveling to +Maker Faire for the first time next month! They are very very excited and I have to say infectious. I'm always excited to go to another +Maker Faire but seeing the excitement in someone who has never experienced cool!

They are already talking about what they will show next year in the Young Makers area.

Thanks Reagan, Carson and Keane for hanging out with me. You are awesome MAKERS!

From my mom:

Reagan and his brothers told me something interesting. They all thought of Joey as a 'celebrity'. That still kinda makes me laugh. But if being a role model for other children is considered a 'celebrity' then - what an honor.
They told me they held Joey very high, almost untouchable. It warmed my heart to hear that they felt comfortable around Joey, and to feel he is just like them.
Joey has done a lot of wonderful and exciting things, but to help others - that's the real magic.

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