Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Recap of +Siggraph 2013

I'm home from +ACM SIGGRAPH I had a great time. I meet so many cool people i can't name them all.

I have to say special thanks to a few: Professor Collins, Michael, Don, Aubrey and Proffessor Clark. I couldn't have gone to SIGGRAPH without you. Thanks :) Hope to see you all in Vancover!

Also, +Wacom Americas for the awesome tablet. I've been working with +Blender Users on it - great! +Epson for printing awesome posters, +PrimeSense for helping make my scanner even cooler!

I meet one of my idols of +Blender too. @andrewpprice He is really nice and hung out a bit with me! This is a scan and print I did.


I got to be apart of a 3d panel. it was fun answering questions and scanning people.

They had these cool roaming robots. My grandparents got to see me. They were in New York!

My mom +Julie Hudy  had some crafty fun. She changed one of the ribbons for her! She also made some crafty things. Her idea of the +MAKE robot.

 Here is me with me scanner

After +ACM SIGGRAPH we got to go see my Aunt. My sister, her friend and I had fun shooting marble at a target. 
Come on - I am 16!

I'm sure I've forgotten something. So many cool people!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Another Awesome Day at +SIGGRAPH

Wow, what a day....

I scanned tons of people and talked on a panel.

I took some time to go to the Expo Hall - I talked with +Wacom Americas about there cool tablets, saw these cool glasses from +Epson Projectors , got the all important +Pixarblog teapot, got 2 awesome shirts from +PrimeSense and got to use one of there new scanners for my 3d body scanner -  that is the bomb, of course talked to my friends at +Blender ....That was just the first isle of the expo hall!

So, if you are wondering...YES YES YES I'm having a great time!
I want to go to next years! (it's in Canada)

See you tomorrow on Google Plus Maker Camp!

Don't be bored...Hang out with me at +MAKE Camp +Google Creative Sandbox  tomorrow at 11am

I've been having a great week at +ACM SIGGRAPH and I will be chatting with you live from there!

Can't wait to see you all tomorrow!!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

First Day +SIGGRAPH - Set Up Day

Today was so cool. I got to put together my 3d body scanner, and see the HUGE one from +ASU  I was told it was big - but had no idea.
There is going to be alot of cool stuff here. I'm most excited to meet the guys at +Blender
Here are some pictures from today.

This is my 3d Body Scanner

Special Thanks banner....+MakerMedia!! Woo hoo

This was a fun program. Huge screen. They take picture of you, then you can spray paint the designs. It's supposed to be the +MAKE Robot, +Blender and +Arizona State University 

Lots more tomorrow  It all starts at noon!

University of Arizona Workshop with 3x3x3 Led Cube Arduino Shield!

University of Arizone wasnt BORED! they had a workshop with MY kit! That's so cool!
 They had a great time, here are a few picture of the kits.
Thanks Kevin for using my kits
Don't be bored...make something!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

My new Afinia 3d printer!!

Yesterday I received a +Afinia printer. I have had SO much fun. I can't stop printing stuff. It really does print right out of the box. Just download software, level the board..and PRINT!!!

Here are some pictures

I'm going to +SIGGRAPH tomorrow so I wanted a print of me. I used my 3d body scanner for the image. Printed PERFECT!

Chocolate mold closed
Chocolate mold of a Dr. Who Tardis
Dr. Who Tardis cookie cutters. 
It's printing the Tardis cookie cutters.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Don't be bored..Join Maker Camp on Google +

Don't be bored...Join 

There are all kinds of super cool activities and projects to +MAKE 
Cool thing is they have projects and then Advanced Projects, so everyone can play!

Next week there is a day on learning to solder (one of my favorite things)

You can learn to solder with alot of fun projects...
The +MAKE  Learn to Solder Robot is alway fun!

 the Advanced Project is a 3d body scanner! Funny...that's what I'm working on right now!

Have a blast this summer with +MAKE Camp on +Google Creative Sandbox 

Don't be bored...MAKE Something!