Sunday, October 28, 2012

Love Herberger Youth Scholar Academy

Boy, I've been busy. Friday we spent the day at Arizona State Universities main campus (SO much fun) then we had a Lock In.
We played lots of games, capture the flag, balloon toss, watch movies, pizza, costume contest etc! It was awesome.
I get to talk nerd with these kids!

I love this school. I get to go to school and have fun everyday - it doesn't seem like school! But I'm learning tons of stuff!

Thanks for everyone for helping me go to this school!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

HELP...Joey Got Accepted!

Joey got accepted to Herberger Youth Scholar Academy at Arizona State University. We are very very proud of him.

We know in our hearts that this academic adventure is the best for Joey. He found 'his place' at Maker Faire and now 'his place' in school.  It makes my heart smile.

As a lot of you know we Fundraise for Joey's trips to Maker Faire. We are now faced with another dilemma...paying for Joey's school. Arizona State University cost $9,500.00 a year. We thought we had 4 more years before college and options of scholarships - but Joey always seems to have different ideas! :)

We have applied for a 'Autism' Scholarships, just to be told he doesn't qualify. He has to be in school for 100 days before going to a Private School. He's been in public school his whole life, but only in for 42 days this school year. ~silly

Some have said to use the Fundraising money for Joey's school. I have a really strong view on this..NO. The fundraising money was given for Maker Faire - and Maker Faire only!
I don't want to jeopardize him getting to continue his joy of Maker Faire.

If you'd like to help Joey we'd really appreciate it.

If you'd like the tax deduction..Joey is associated with a 501 c(3) nonprofit organization here in our town.
~Make Payable to:
We Care Anthem

Checks can be sent to:
Joey Hudy
4618 W Challenger Trail
New River, AZ  85087

We will also have a PayPal tab for tuition.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your continued support of Joey.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Thanks Mark for the fantastic pictures. You did a super job making the kit! Hope you have fun making it blink. Look how straight everything is!

Shield Info...

3x3x3 LED Arduino Shield Kit

We are no longer selling this kit on our blog.

Please go to

Joey Hudy #1 Maker Made SMD Shield Kit

Only at

Thanks :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I missed school - put I learned....

Joey went back to school very happy :(

I was writing a letter to his teachers..thanking them for there understanding, and telling them ALL the wonderful things he learned. I thought I'd share parts of it with you.

I think more teachers and administrators need to see how kids are learning outside the classroom.

We thought of each of you often, from Joey trying his Spanish out with the bell man at the hotel, figuring out the Math behind why something Electrical works, being asked to write article for Make, teaching kids about Engineering and sustainability. 

Joey also gave a speech, was on a panel for Young Inventors, roamed with a video crew interviewing other makers, and had countless interviews..USA Today, MTV, US New and Dailey Report, CNN...
Wow, we covered every class - and maybe a few more.

Hands on activities are the key for kids learning and understanding.

Look at that we covered all Joey's core classes while at MAKER FAIRE!

He also gained confidence - you can't learn that in school.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Maker Faire NY may be over...but I'm getting to work!

World Maker Faire New York is over :(

I can't believe how each Maker Faire can get better. I had a great time. I love seeing all my friends from Make and meeting new friends.

The Extreme Marshmallow Cannon will now hang on the wall of my office. I will continue with kit making - which I love. There is nothing better than designing a PCB and getting it back in the mail. The BEST! (of course even better when it actually works!)

The SMD Led Shield was a big hit! Thanks to all of you who bought one. I can't wait to see/hear what you do with it.

I don't know if you noticed - the Joey #1..look out for Joey #2, #3, #4 etc. I really excited about this!

Thanks to all the MAKE people who work so hard so I can have a great place to hang out with people who understand me!

~ Joey and Julie (my mom)