Friday, July 18, 2014


Here are some more pictures from our #makercamp

The boys: Reagan, Carson and Keane had fun with +Make: Camp today. Then they decided to put together my 3x3x3 LED Cube +Arduino Shield (sold at +Maker Shed ) It was really cool to see the pics. I was at +Intel and +Local Motors working. They all worked together. Teamwork!!

Great job guys!

Keane - Carson - Reagan
Nice Shirts!

Thanks +Make: for having such a great +Make: Camp. #makercamp

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Maker Camp

Note from: Maker Mom


I'm having so much fun with +Maker Camp - Summer 2014  Since Joey is working I'm getting to hang out with some young boys and do Maker Camp with them. You have seen them in other pictures on Joey's blog. They went to there first +Maker Faire in San Matteo..and I think they will be going to World +Maker Faire in New York. I love when kids find what they are passionate about and the parents let them follow there dreams!

Here are some pictures of +Maker Camp - Summer 2014 

Little picnic during +Maker Camp - Summer 2014 

Yes, that's vanilla wafers and chocolate!

WHAT FUN! Even got there dad involved!


Wow,  Joey has been very busy. He is home from +Maker Faire Paris +Maker Faire: Kansas City and +The White House +Maker Faire time for a tiny rest..

Joey has been working working working at +Intel he loves it!

Beside having fun working, Joey has done a few other fun things. Most recently we got to spend the day +Local Motors with some great friend. He just loves to ride there Verrado Trike. Everyone there is so so nice.
Then we went to +TechShop What a fun day.

Today +Local Motors just posted this video of Joey. You should come out and see all the cool things they have. The second Saturday of the month.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Maker Faire Paris

WOW. I'm a bit behind. Sorry.

Here are some pictures from +Maker Faire Paris

Goodbye DC - Hello Paris!

Awesome Venue!

Lady made robots our of junk. Everyone loved the Marshmallow Cannon. It was so fun to shoot it!

Kids playing! Awesome 3d printer...printing CHAIRS and Makie

Awesome Chairs! 

I tried snails..I loved them!

Little bit of sightseeing :)

+MakerBot had a cool machine for kids. In the balls where monuments in Paris.
This light was really cool. In a dark room the lights made it look like a horse running.