Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fun Weekend

I had a really fun weekend..of course after my homework was finished.

I help my friend build his cannon. Gotta have fun with that!

You are never to old to have fun with bubble wrap!
My mom even jumped on it.

I also spend some time at +HeatSync Labs working on a project for +Intel . Shhhh
I will show you later. Hopefully it will be finished for +Maker Faire Bay Area.

Hope you had a fun weekend too.

I'm off to +Maker Faire Shenzhen on Thursday!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Arizona Central

Thanks +azcentral for a great article.

Thanks also to +Intel everyone there is so great. I love working there.

I see I've had a lot of visitors today to my blog. 

Thank you very much for checking it out.

Below is a link to the Arizona Central Article.

Remember...Don't be bored.. +MAKE something!
You can buy your bracelets here on my site.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Great Mail Day!

It's so fun when you get good mail!

I knew we were waiting for a picture from the #SOTU...1 picture that is. But what a surprise when we got more pictures, a birthday message for me and a thank you for coming to the #SOTU.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fun Weekend

SWMaker Fest

Yesterday was the SWMaker Fest in Arizona. It was a really fun day. I got to teach soldering, talk and meet new people and make a turtle.

It was really cool meeting a boy from Anthem (funny, that's where I live) He came down to the festival to meet me. He was so excited and even asked me for my autograph. - that makes me laugh. My mom said she can count on 1 hand how many autographs I've been asked for. Still cool. He wanted to learn soldering, arduino etc. I'm going to have him over to my house and we will +MAKE stuff. I gave him one of my 3x3x3 LED Cubes to try.

I was given great opportunities so I want to help others too.  He's a really cool kid. Can't wait to teach him to solder. His mom asked how she could repay us...My mom told her just have fun +MAKE ing. Joey's been helped so much along the way, just pass it on sometime.

Really hope he comes and sees +Maker Faire 

This is the turtle that I did. It was fun learning to glass blow. Always learn a new skill...or at least try.

My mom thought this was funny. How many +Intel  employees does it take to close

This is me, glass blowing...though there wasn't any blowing.

These are the boys that were excited to meet me. Me and my girlfriend

Can't have a fun day without a selfie
Me and Katie

Friday, March 14, 2014


Thanks everyone for the awesome birthday messages.

I had a great day.

Thanks +MAKE for the great Birthday gifts.

Next adventure +Maker Faire Shenzhen 

Monday, March 10, 2014

My day at Intel

Today was a great day at +Intel .

I got to see my cubical. It was so nice, they had a welcome sign for me.

Everyone at Intel is so nice!
Going back tomorrow to work on a project.

Worked a bit with the galileo board too. 

Spring Break...

Spring Break = working at +Intel 

Some people go to Disneyland for Spring Break..I go to +Intel 
Love my life!

+Intel and +Maker Faire are my version of Disneyland!

I'm excited to be on campus today.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Makerbot Academy

A few days ago I got a +MakerBot
I want to help them get printers into schools.

After Spring Break all the schools in Anthem, AZ will know about +MakerBot and want one!

When the box came, I had my mom do everything. She will be helping me with this project, so I wanted her to know how to do it. Plus, it's good to show you don't have to have 3d printing skill to set up a +MakerBot

We are having a great time. It's fun to teach my mom about this too.

I also have a +Afinia printer. The only sad thing is..the Afinia and the +MakerBot Replicator 2 uses different filament. :( One uses PLA and the other ABS.

Next week is Spring Break..and my BIRTHDAY!
I am hoping to print print print.

Don't be bored... +MAKE something!

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Don't be bored... +MAKE Something! 

Order yours today.

85086 Magazine

85086 Magazine

I was honored to be on the cover of this magazine.

I love how the cover captured +Intel ,  +Maker Faire  +The White House snap circuits
We make a great team!

Here are a few other pictures.
If you want to read the article go to