All About ME


I want to tell you about myself.

* My name is Joe Hudy
* I am 17 years old
* I am a Senior at Herberger Young Scholars Academy on the campus of ASU
* I have tried to do karate, soccer, baseball, tennis, but non of them I am good at or completely like. The only thing I am good at is making things.
* Not a big fan of school
* I know how to program in C, Openscad and a little bit of binary
* I know how to use visual studios, Eaglecad, Openscad, Arduino, Replicator G and a couple of more
* My favorite subject in school educationally would be science but as teachers go I like my LA the best
* Make, Elenco, Shopbot and a lot more have helped get me to where I am today
* I have a 3d Printer from +Afinia3DPrint
* I have been to the White House 3 times.

* I work for +Intel

I want to speak to other kids about how they can make and do anything they want too. I also want to talk about the importance of STEM Education in the schools. Going to Maker Faires has changed my life - it can change yours too.

Don't be BORED...MAKE Something!