Friday, January 13, 2012

Wonderful statement about Joey

A wonderful statement about Joey! Thanks Dean.

Do you know Julie Hudy, mom to Joey Hudy of "Look What Joey's Making"?  He exhibits his famous marshmallow shooter at Maker Faires.  We met Joey and Julie at the Detroit MF (we are spreading the word all over Michigan about MF, because I have many relatives all over Michigan).  We had a great talk about Joey's exploits.  He is quite the electronics fanatic.  Joey is also quite charismatic, and has started an interesting email friendship with my 15 year old nephew Nathanael who lives in Michigan.  Nathanael has Asperger's Syndrome, and everybody assumed that he would never be very mechanical.  But to heck with that, we introduced Nathanael to Joey in Detroit, and Joey inspired Nathanael to start building marshmallow shooters and various other projects.  I think Maker Faire, and Joey's influence, might have actually turned Nathanael onto what we hope will be a love of Making....

Sunday, January 8, 2012


yeastier day i learned how to weld at heatsynclabs.It was really fun.i got to weld a cube together.heatsynclabs deed a really good job at teaching.

Friday, January 6, 2012

projects i am working on.

 three main projects that i am working on at the moment are.
  1. automatic ping pong air cannon. i started with just adding bb's into  one of the barrels and putting a straw at the end of the i have to make a new air cannon  with a air compressor on and make it be able to withstand greater psi.
  2. a robot that can follow me in a crowd of people. i am planing on using a wii remote as the sensor that will follow me.
  3. a el wire arduino shield.i decided to make this because i made a el wire costume before but it was  wirey and sparkfuns el wire shield uses 8 of the arduino pins and i am planing on only using three by using a 74HC595 shift register.