Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I missed school - put I learned....

Joey went back to school today..no very happy :(

I was writing a letter to his teachers..thanking them for there understanding, and telling them ALL the wonderful things he learned. I thought I'd share parts of it with you.

I think more teachers and administrators need to see how kids are learning outside the classroom.

We thought of each of you often, from Joey trying his Spanish out with the bell man at the hotel, figuring out the Math behind why something Electrical works, being asked to write article for Make, teaching kids about Engineering and sustainability. 

Joey also gave a speech, was on a panel for Young Inventors, roamed with a video crew interviewing other makers, and had countless interviews..USA Today, MTV, US New and Dailey Report, CNN...
Wow, we covered every class - and maybe a few more.

Hands on activities are the key for kids learning and understanding.

Look at that we covered all Joey's core classes while at MAKER FAIRE!

He also gained confidence - you can't learn that in school.

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