Thursday, November 17, 2011

thing you need to have to be a beginner maker.

If you’re looking to get started doing electronics, you might be wondering what do you need to get started. Well I’m going to list the things that every beginner should have.

To start of every person should have a bread board. Bread boards are a important part in beginning electronics. Bread boards allow you to make your circuit without soldering, allowing you to move parts around and fix any problem you might have in the circuit.

Another thing that you will need is electronic components. Elenco electronics has a great pack of components that comes with a book of things to make with the components it gives you. Components are a really a important part. You really can’t do much without them. This is a list of components I frequently use LEDs,transesters,capaciters,resisters,transformers,diods,potentcheamiters, ICs, and more and each component has several deferent forms.

Also soldering iron's are a very important. Soldering irons are often used to solder your projects on to either perf board or a kit you bought or made. But along with the soldering iron your going to need to buy solder, solder sucker, tweezers wire clippers, and helping hands. Solder iron is a great tool to have.

Arduino is another fantastic thing to have. You can program your arduino to do almost anything. With the arduino you can open a whole new world of making. You can even learn haw to program. But to program you will need a computer or laptop.

So to list all the things a beginner maker should have.
  1. Bread board
  2. electrical components such as resister,transister,transformer,capasiter,LEDs,diods,ICs,Potentiometer, ect
  3. soldering iron
  4. solder
  5. solder sucker (Elenco)
  6. tweezers and wire cutters
  7. helping hands
  8. tiptin
  9. something to clean your soldering iron
  10. perf board
  11. arduino (Makershed, Adafruit, Sparkfun)
  12. computer or laptop
This should get you started, and on your way to a whole new world of making.


Jonathan said...

What is tiptin ??

Joe said...

Hi Jonathan,
Sorry - I didn't explain myself.
A Tip Tin helps prevent oxide build up on your solder iron and help prolongs the life of the tip of your solder.
You stick your hot solder iron into the tin and it burns off the "black" stuff on the end of your solder. I have them for sale in the store. Click on the store link on the top left of this page. That may help too.
Thanks for the question.

Jonathan said...

Ok right; tip tinner / tip restorer :-)

I was going to suggest linking to your store item in the article, but it looks like your store isn't set up in a way that would allow that...


Joe said...

Ahh, good idea. I'll ask my mom if she can do that. She does all that stuff for me.