Wednesday, November 23, 2011

mitch altman comes over

Mitch altman came over to day to do a speech to my club at school. It was rely neet and rely nice of him. All the kids want his kits now. After club we went to breakfast at Denny's.we talked a long time there about electronics and other things. when were done at Denny's we haded over to my house and I showed him my office & he liked it :).We were trying to make this radio recever and emitter work when my grand parents came in and met Mitch. Thay were calling him mitch god.When they left we finished making the receiver and emitter work but there are stell a couple of problems with it picking up other thing.After that  we talked for over 15 min.Mitch invited me to a trip to china i think for 3 weeks.The only problem is that it will caust $1000 and i will have to fundrase that along with the maker faire money.I only have one comment on that AWESOME.:) Mitch sad that i need to get a Oscilloscope so we looked for one and found a good one on seeedstudiol. I gave Mitch a led cube kit and extra pare of the receiver and emitter so he cold try to fix the bugs in it.thrue out the whole day I have ben smiling and my cheeks hurt now.Today was ausom I coldint beleve what was going on.The day was boss,radical,awesome,crazy,wicked.Big thanks to Mitch altman your awesome

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