Thursday, September 15, 2011


MAKER FAIRE here we come!!!!!
Very long day - but we are here and ready.
Fun tomorrow - a little sit seeing and then to Maker Faire!!!


mars and Tori! said...

How'd we do?!

We wonder if this is the first Joey_Cube that is alive "in the wild!"
That's what we call it - The Joey Cube!

Have a great time at the faire!! We had a great time making your kit - It works FANTASTIC!
It's really cool at night :)

- mars and Tori!
(father and 9 year old daughter)

P.S. - Don't forget to mention that eye protection should be worn when snipping the LED legs! They can go FLYING across the room!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Joe...really proud of what you are doing!! Larry L.

Joe said...

Great Job Mars and Tori. Hey, would you mind sending me that picture thru my e-mail. We are going to have a picture page!! You guys will be our first!!