Friday, September 2, 2011


Lots of people are checking my site out - thanks
I'm wondering....

How did you hear about me?

How did you find my website?

Please take a sec and leave a comment for me.

Thanks. I'm having fun!!!


Nathan said...

I came across your website from the adafruit forum, and I am very impressed by what you have achieved at such a young age.

I am twice your age, and you have inspired me to try even harder, thank you Joey!

Leland Green... said...

I saw you on adafruit's Ask an Engineer / Show & Tell (from 2011-09-03, but I watched it yesterday).

I am 4 times your age, and in many ways you've done more than me. For one thing, you've designed and produced a PCB. :)

Keep up the good work!

Leland Green... said...

Oh, I'm *almost* 4 times your age... I thought you were 13. Sorry 'bout that. :)

mars said...

I heard about you from adafruit, but recognize you and your marshmallow artillery from many places on the web. I'm 38 years old. (but still a kid at heart!) I'm from New Orleans, Louisiana.

I've put up a post in my hackerspace mailing list to put together an order.

If we order today will you be shipping out before you leave for New York?

Jeez, you might be sold out by now... and if not I'm sure you will at the faire - I can't imagine the number of pre-orders you'll get if you run out!
Cheers and best of luck - And have a blast at the faire! You're the kind of person that makes the OSHW world great!
I hope to meet you one day next time I make it to a faire!

Cheers buddy!
- mars

Joe said...

@Mars. Thanks for the comment.
I of course can send your order out before we leave - we leave on Thursday am - so just have it in before then.
As for selling out :( nope only sent out 2.
It would be cool to meet you too. Go the Maker Faire San Matteo! That one is awesome..well they're all awesome.
what's your hackerspace?
Thanks again.

mars said...

Hey, it does take time for word to spread.
Make sure you get your name and project out on HackADay,, ... well there's actually an endless number of blogs that would probably love blogging about this! I'm sure you'll get alot of attention at the faire.

I think this is a perfect project for beginners
It's not complicated yet it is challenging and fulfilling! The 3x3x3 cube also demonstrates the charlieplexing/matrixish type of ideas very well.

Our space is called GumboLabs - and I have another one sort of started up right next door in my private studio called NOLANode - we do mostly crazy noisy "music" instruments at NOLANode.

My daughter (9 years old) will be building this for her birthday! She learned to solder by building 3 SpokePOV's from Adafruit when she was 7!!! :o

And hats off to your awesome mom too, I hope a lot of parents are inspired from her support to get involved with bringing this hobby to their kids and others!

Anyhow - you'll get more orders from me/us tonight!
Why don't you autograph a PCB for me - that would be very special for my daughter :)
It'll be the order going to Louisiana.

Cheers buddy - mars

ps - I hope you will combine the shipping for multiple kits. Thanks!