Tuesday, June 14, 2011

phone headset speker not loude enought

I had this headset that you plug into your phone and I couldn't hear anything out of it.So i found the speaker and it was the size of a quarter.So I desoderd it and I Had this larger speaker about a inch in diameter.Then I sodered the wires to the larger speaker and hot glued the speaker to were the old one used to be because it wouldn't fit. I tryed it out and it worked! Then I came across another problem how do I keep it on my ear the latch that used to be attached doesn't fit.Then I made a head band out of a 3leater bottle and cut them into strips hot glued them together and some other thing i cant remember what its called.Once that was done i hot glued the head band to the back of the speaker.This all took me about 30min probably less.

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