Saturday, June 11, 2011

First Class With Dataman

Working on Arduino with Dataman from SMTBoards.

I couldn't figure out why Com4 wasn't showing up. I saw Com4 then I went upstairs and Com4 was gone. When you unplug your arduino Com4 will not show up. When you plug it back in Com4 is there. The arduino needs to be on com4 to operate.If its on com3 it wont work. Man - that is not fare.

Dataman helped me with this problem and helped me understand how the arduino works and comunakates with the computer using 1 and 0 and how to translate those in to #s like 9 is 1001 because the #s go
128 64 32 16  8 4 2 1                                                                        
 0     0    0  0  1 0 0 1
because 1 reprazents true or yes ,on and 0 is false, no, off  so 1  and 8 added togeather is 9 or 1001

How to work with my arduino to work with a 3Axis Accelerometer that i got from modern device. I looked all over the internet for instructions and cold not find any. So Dataman helped me with that and dead a very good job.

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