Friday, November 14, 2014

Maker Mom's Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Holidays
it's time for HOLIDAY shopping!

Joey and I talked about what to put on this list. We did a list last year and Joey said some of those are still his favorites. So, I will include those too. are also getting some of Maker Mom's FAV's

Lets get shopping!

(In no particular order)



+Make: It Soldering Kit 

+Make: Circuit Sticker Starter Kit

+Make:  Joey #2 3x3x3 Led Cube +Arduino Shield & Joey #1 SMD Led +Arduino Shield

Sorry - had to be done. They are cool educational kits.

Snap Circuits XP

Snap Circuits is where Joey got his start. Wonderful product!


+Intel Galileo & +Intel Edison

"A postage stamp sized computer. If you want to make anything that involves the internet of things, this is the right thing for you! Sparkfun has some blocks that you can attach to the Edison to give it more features."
Reagan: Age 13

I asked a few kids for some help. Here are there Holiday picks!

1. 3d Doodler
Gotta say, this looks SUPER fun!

2. Ollie
Interesting we came up with similar toy

THANKS Keane! Great Holiday ideas

1. Makerbot

"You can print cool stuff." Carson: Age 10

2. Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears

3. Robot Brrd 3D Kit

THANKS Carson! Fun ideas :)

 "This is an app controlled robot bird that you can make from a kit. It comes with some 3d printed parts, fabric and a lot of electronics! This is a great introduction to electronics, Arduino, mechanics, programming, and even fabric working!"
Reagan: Age 13

Now this item isn't for sale yet..but they are working on it. Let me know if you'd be interested. 
This is made by all 3 of the boys.

1. CubeRinth: A 3d customizable maze which can come as a kit. Made out of laser cut acrylic, rubber bands, and plastic rods, this maze is not just any old Perplexus! It has shelfs with a pegboard pattern so you stick pegs into it, string rubber bands between the pegs to create walls, and then you can play your own maze! Educators also like this because it helps with spacial awareness.

Great Job Guys!

From LWJM we wish everyone a Safe and Happy Holidays!

Don't be bored...MAKE something!
(You can also buy bracelets)

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