Wednesday, October 29, 2014

College Question...Answered


I've had a lot of request as to "What college are you applying too?"

I've kinda been keeping it under raps - just in case I don't get in..embarrassing!

But oh well, Not getting accepted is part of life. You have to move on. No different then having a project not work. (but I will be very upset)

Here is my list:

+Olin College of Engineering
+Arizona State University
+Northern Arizona University
+Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

So here's the list. I know. I will however NOT tell you my top pick. My mom says to not put all my eggs in one basket..but thats hard. I will just keep my fingers crossed and hope that they like me, and all the accomplishments I've achieved.


Don't be bored.. +Make: something!


Harry said...

Oh man I'm in the same boat. Two more days until the Early Action deadline and I'm pretty pumped.

Best of luck!

Joe Hudy said...

Good Luck! What schools did you apply to.