Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Special Blog

Maker Mom....

I have a special blog today. Joey met a wonderful boy, his brothers and extraordinary family at +HeatSync Labs  Maker Fest a few month ago. You will recognize all the wonderful pictures we've been sharing.

I've been doing Maker Camp with the boys - though they are way over my maker ability! They amaze me everyday. It's been wonderful for me - they remind me a lot of Joey at that age. 

They kept telling me how much fun they were having..so I asked the oldest Reagan (13)  to write a blog post for Joey's blog.

I tried to scan it, so you could see the actual note..but it didn't work. I think because he wrote it in pencil. (which is a great idea, incase you want to make changes).

Here is Reagan's Post:

Hello, my name is Reagan! I have experience with Lego Mindstorms and this is the journey I took to becoming a maker. When I first saw Joey on the 85086 Magazine, and I learned that he lived in Anthem to, I got so inspired and I just had to meet him. I actually learned about +Make:  when I went to the homeschool day at +Arizona State University  They sponsored Make: and Future City. Future City is a competition where kids think up a city of the future, write a narrative and an essay for there city, and them build a model of theirs to show off at the competition. Our team got 4th place in States!

After that I went to the Makerfest in Mesa, hoping I would see Joey. Then we saw Joey's booth and we met Joey. He was very nice and receptive to our ideas. A few weeks after words we were invited to the Hudy's house and were taught how to solder. They Hudy family took our whole family in, showing the outreach and community spirit of Make. Then we went to +Maker Faire  Bay Area and met lots of inspiring makers.

@makercamp has opened so many doors for us in ideas and people and it also showed us that everyone ca be a Maker, young or old, preschool or Phd!

Reagan, it's been a honor to work with you and see all the wonderful ideas coming out of your mind.

Little side note...Reagan will be at Maker Faire New York!!!

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