Monday, May 5, 2014

Techshop Weekend - From Maker Mom

Joey's Mom:

The last 2 days Joey and I have spend more than 30 hours +TechShop in Chandler, AZ. (1 hour from our house) He is working on finishing his "surprise" project for the +Intel booth +Maker Faire in San Mateo.

What a wonderful team they have +TechShop - It really reminded me of the people you meet at +Maker Faire  They are always always there to help and give advice. Joey has been very fortunate to have a wonderful team of +Intel employees and people he just met, supporting his project.

You don't have to do a project alone. Collaborate, learn and have fun.

I even got to learn to use a grinder. I have to say it was hard but really fun. I wanted a picture of myself in the getup - welder mask, jacket, gloves etc..Joey took one look at me and rolled his eyes and smiled. Love that kid.

I can't begin to thank them. They have given up there weekend just to lend support/help to the success of Joey's project.

Part of the project was finally put together - kinda last night...I was a bit speechless (that doesn't happen much) It was amazing! This afternoon, after Joey finishes some homework we will venture back so he can complete the project. Deadlines are hard but good.

Here are some pictures that I can show you. I'm usually really excited to go to +Maker Faire but I am even more excited this time. I'm so proud of what Joey has done, can't wait for you all to see it. 

Don't be bored...@make something!

<3 Julie - Maker Mom


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie and Joe! all the best of luck for your project and safe travels. Keep us all posted and take care- see you again, soon!
Mary @ Front Desk- TechShop Chandler

Joe Hudy said...

Thanks Mary. I was nice to meet you. Techshop is awesome!