Friday, January 10, 2014

CES 2014

I have so many pictures to share about CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas.
This is me and Lisa. Lisa works at Intel, she keeps an eye one me! She's so funny.

I had the honor of meeting the Governor of Nevada. He was very interested in what Intel was doing. He also gave me a coin - it has his picture on it.

This was a fun interview. CFAX1070 is a radio station from Canada. It was fun doing radio vs camera interview. They are very very nice! 

Who doens't want +3D Systems 3d printed CANDY! It was really good too!

I had tons of fun working the +Intel booth and hanging with my boss Jay!

I was able to check out +Jeri Ellsworth glasses. They are AWESOME!
Look how crowded the Intel booth is! We were sooo busy.

+bre pettis WOW, he released some amazing new +MakerBot printers! 

+Matt Richardson you are SO cool! I had fun talking and hanging out with you.

Keynote speech. Mr. Brian Karznich the CEO of +Intel is so cool! Someday I want to have dinner with him and just hang out. This was really fun, being part of his very first keynote!

I worked a lot, but did get out of the convention center to find CHOCOLATE. I went to the M&M's store. YUM

It was so fun going to CES. I got to meet a ton of cool people and a bunch of Intel Employees. Everyone there is so nice. It's going to be fun working with them.

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Anonymous said...

You're so cool man! Keep up the good work and stick to your motto!

I wish you a very best future!