Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fun couple days!

Yesterday I received +Epson Moverio glasses. These are so cool. I'm excited to get to work on an idea I have for them. I amazed already at what they can do. My parents think I look a bit ridiculous with them on - but i don't care. Theyer awesome!
Thanks Epson!

I haven't really gotten to play with +Google Glass a ton to make a comparison.

Then I found out that I'm on +MAKE list of 100 people you should follow on twitter! Wow. That's cool too!
Thanks Make!

+Maker Faire New York is in a few weeks! I'm really excited to see everyone.
+Maker Faire Rome is also getting closer.

The list came out of all the speaker for Maker Faire Rome. Pretty cool me! I'm on the list. Cool!

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