Monday, August 5, 2013

Afinia Printer Update

I've had my +Afinia ( printer for about 3 weeks now. Unfortunately, right after I got it I had to go out of town. So, I guess that's really 2 weeks. Anyway...

The printer is A-Mazing. Not only did it work right out of the box, I've been printing like crazy! 
I can start a print and them go do something else - it will be fine!

I've printed, cookie cutters (8), Dr. Who dalek's, a tardis, earrings for my mom, gears for my friend, chocolate mold, 3d scan of ME, etc.

If you are considering a 3d printer -



John said...

May i ask what setup you used for the scan of yourself?

Joe Hudy said...

Hi John,
I used Skinect software and Kinect and Primesense scanners. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have anymore questions.
Thanks for reading my blog. :)

MakerKids said...

Hi Joe!

That's awesome-really love the chocolate mold in addition to everything else. Would love to write a story about you on our blog-we are a makerspace for youth in Toronto, Canada. Please email us at to get in touch.