Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Recap of +Siggraph 2013

I'm home from +ACM SIGGRAPH I had a great time. I meet so many cool people i can't name them all.

I have to say special thanks to a few: Professor Collins, Michael, Don, Aubrey and Proffessor Clark. I couldn't have gone to SIGGRAPH without you. Thanks :) Hope to see you all in Vancover!

Also, +Wacom Americas for the awesome tablet. I've been working with +Blender Users on it - great! +Epson for printing awesome posters, +PrimeSense for helping make my scanner even cooler!

I meet one of my idols of +Blender too. @andrewpprice He is really nice and hung out a bit with me! This is a scan and print I did.


I got to be apart of a 3d panel. it was fun answering questions and scanning people.

They had these cool roaming robots. My grandparents got to see me. They were in New York!

My mom +Julie Hudy  had some crafty fun. She changed one of the ribbons for her! She also made some crafty things. Her idea of the +MAKE robot.

 Here is me with me scanner

After +ACM SIGGRAPH we got to go see my Aunt. My sister, her friend and I had fun shooting marble at a target. 
Come on - I am 16!

I'm sure I've forgotten something. So many cool people!

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