Tuesday, June 18, 2013

3D Body Scanner - 3d Printer Challenge

The final touches to the 3D Body Scanner are complete. It's all ready for +ACM SIGGRAPH 
My professor and I are going to make another one - that can travel better. I'd like to take it to +Maker Faire New York. Scan people then print them on a 3d printer.

Next week I'm going to +Maker Faire: Kansas City  I'd like to do a 3D print challenge. +MAKE did one a few months ago.

I need to get good quality and fast, no one wants to wait hours to get there 3d body scan printed.

I know I will try a +Ultimaker my friend has one. I've tried the +MakerBot replicator at ASU. I'd like to try the +Afinia.

Anyone have any other 3D Printer ideas?

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