Friday, March 1, 2013

See you at Maker Faire Rome!

My mom told me to keep quiet about this until the news went's out
I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to go to Maker Faire Rome. 
I'm having a hard time understanding it right now. I've never been out of the country!
Thanks Massimo Banzi and Riccardo Luna We are going to have a BLAST!

“Don’t be bored … MAKE something!”
This is the motto of Joey Hudy, young American maker, inventor of the Marshmallow Cannon Extreme, a project that was even presented to President Barack Obama during the science’s day at the White House.
Joey Hudy will be among the international guests of the Maker Faire Rome, he has accepted our invitation with great enthusiasm and we are looking forward to meet him!

Young maker Joey Hudy‘s 16th birthday is right around the corner, on March 13, and though he’s not even a legal adult yet, his list of accomplishments include meeting President Obama and shooting his own homemade Extreme Marshmallow Cannon with him, creating his own custom Arduino shields, and inspiring folks with his call to action: “Don’t be bored … MAKE something!”

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