Friday, August 17, 2012


School Started. :(
I am taking 'Intro' in Engineering. The teacher said I'm already past what he is going to teach - that's cool.

I'm still helping my friend Brendan learn about Electronics. That is really fun.

I'll be on +Makercamp Google+ on Tuesday as the guest. That is pretty cool.

Back to homework :(
(why can't I just get an internship at MAKE)

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Beauregard said...

I took an intro to engineering class in 9th grade. I expected to be making robots, instead it was simple electronics that I had known since I was 3. (Though I pronounced capacitor 'capacitator' until I was 8 {hey, I knew what it did, that was the important part} )

My teacher let me do my own stuff in the class after I finished the projects the others were doing, hopefully your teacher will do the same.

PS you should also look into Open Robotics University on G+. I think you may be a good candidate.