Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thanks Schmartboard!

My son's name is Joey Hudy and he's a MAKER. He went to his first Maker Faire last May, it 
changed his life! He has Asperger Syndrome a form of Autism. He never could find his place, 
but after spending 1 day at Maker Faire San Mateo he did and realized that he was SMART! 
He fundraised his way to two more Maker Faire's that summer. Over the past months, Joey has 
changed from a young boy with no direction, into a boy with a love and passion. He has made 
it his mission to show others about Maker Faires, what kids can make and getting 
more STEM into schools. Recently, he was honored to attend the White House 
Science Fair and show his invention, the Extreme Marshmallow Cannon, to President 
Obama. Now, the time has come for another summer of Maker Faires’ and he can't 
do it without your help. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer. We 
really appreciate and love being apart of the wonderful MAKING community! 
Sincerely, Julie Hudy More information can be found at:


Malcolm Taylor said...

Joey , I don't know how well you will understand my message on account of your Asperger Syndrome . I don't know much about it .

Anyway, Schmartboard said they would give me a t- shirt if I sent them a picture of my project .

They sent me a free sample chip and key chain size board in the mail but I don't know what to do with the parts yet . It is an OP AMP .

Did Schmartboard give you a t-shirt yet ?

Jesse Jacobs said...

I went to the AZSciTechfest event at the ASU Polytechnic Campus in Mesa and got the pleasure of talking to Joey about his projects. I share some of the same interests in MAKE, Instructables and programming the Arduino. I had no idea he was affected by this syndrome and was already blown away at his abilities. Having a 14 year old son of my own, I was both impressed and inspired by seeing Joey do what he does. I want to encourage him to continue down this path and wish the best for him in the future. If he ever needs a buddy to work on stuff with he is welcome to look me up. I am trying to encourage my own son to be a Maker and take interest in the fun that comes with MAKEING your own creations!