Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fundraising Time!

It's time for me to get going on Fundraising
Goal Amount
My schedule for this summer is...

Maker Faire San Matteo
(May 19 & 20)

Maker Faire Detroit
(July 28 & 29)

World Maker Faire New York
(Sept. 29 & 30)

And...I was asked to come to Maker Faire Kansas City!

If you can help - please use the DONATE button to help.

Writing a Check..You have to choices
1 - If you have TONS of Airline Vouchers, Rental Car or Hotel we would love those too.
1 - Write check out to Joey Hudy and send to address below.
2 - Use it as a tax right off, please make check out to Anthem Cares. Mail to address below.

Joey Hudy
4618 W. Challenger Trail
New River, AZ  85087

Thanks SO much for your help.

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