Friday, August 26, 2011

Microchip Masters 2011

Joey is I'm (Joey's mom) going to try to post some pictures for him.

Joey brought his Extreme Marshmallow Cannon.
Roger from  Microchip wanted to catch the marshmallow in his mouth!
Joey with Roger Melcher from Microchip. He's showing Joey how Microchips are made.
Joey next to "The Bunny" suit. This is what you wear when you tour the lab.

This was a really cool booth. MikroElektronika.  They had some really cool stuff.
Joey really liked talking to these guys, can't wait to play with his new PIC32 board.
Thanks Aleksandar!

Joey got to meet the CEO of Microchip Steve Sanghi.
Really cool!
Thanks to everyone - especially Donna Mason for making this possible. 

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